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Our Mission with Slot Machines 247

Our goal when creating Slot Machines 247 was to provide the most realistic free slots machines on the internet, including the look of the games, the way you play the games, as well as what you hear when playing the games.

10 Reasons to play at Slot Machines 247

Below is a list of the features that we feel help to set our virtual slot machines apart from the others you might see on the web as well as some of the features that we feel make our slot machines more realistic.

  1. Realistic lever pull action complete with satisfying rachet sound.

  2. Unique and comical story line going on in the background noise on each game, so whilst you are playing our life like slots you can hear what the other players in our virtual casino are saying as they win and lose.

  3. High quality realistic graphics, complete with reflections.

  4. A range of 3 and 5 Reel Slot Machines with varying numbers of paylines.

  5. A range of Loyalty Slots where the 'loyalty jackpot' builds up the longer you play! Good examples include Jackpot Celebration Slot Machine and our Diamonds Slot Machine.

  6. Cash out feature which allows you to collect your coins, see and hear them drop into the coin tray.

  7. A range of Bonus Slot Machines including our unique Bonus Slot Machine with 7 Bonus Features to choose from!

  8. All our slot machines have a ‘Coin Slot’ where players can insert coins and even hear them going into the machine (this is why Slot Machines are called ‘Slot’ Machines after all).

  9. You have total control of the sounds, you can choose to turn off all sounds, or just turn off the background sounds or leave the background sounds on and turn off the sounds from the slot machine you are playing from (thus allowing you to listen to the unique background stories).

  10. Our games are all 100% Free (just in case you missed that).